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X-art 1080p

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Colette: Mia & Veronica - Tickle Me Pink (HD 1080p)

Quality: HD
Video: MP4 (AVC), 1920x1080, 8500 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 48.0 KHz, CBR 160 Kbps (2 ch)
Genre: Lesbo, Teen
Duration: 00:19:37
File size: ~ 1.1 Gb

Mia is enjoying a quiet afternoon curled up on the couch with her coffee when her roommate comes home with other ideas. Veronica doesn't want to be just roommates and she presents Mia with a rose to show her true feelings. Mia was actually secretly hoping for this to haapen. Veronica takes the opportunity to seduce Mia the way only a hot latina can and Mia is immediately smitten. They explore every inch of each other until both are cumming; their wet pussies pulsating in ecstasy. Safe to say, I think these girls are glad they took their friendship to the next level.
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X-Art 2013: Mia & Danny - Red Satin (MKV HD-Video 1080p)

Quality: HDRip
Video: MKV (AVC), 1920x1080, 5700 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 48.0 KHz, ABR 128 Kbps (2 ch)
Genre: All Sex, Teen
Duration: 00:16:25
File size: ~ 685 Mb

Beautiful blonde, Mia in your bed wearing a red satin nightie and panties. This is already a dream come true! Now enter Danny (they are friends with benefits in "real life" and live next door to each other. So they were very comfortable doing what they do for fun for our cameras. Watch these two gorgeous humans turn each other on and get each other off. Mia is super flexible with a gorgeous pussy and Danny has a huge cock. (I know that sounds kind of 'porno' but it's true). They are also both really cool people ... Hope you love the video as much as I do ;-)
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ORGASMS 2012: Mia & Peter - Blonde Bombshell (HD Video 1080p)

Quality: HDRip
Video: MKV (AVC), 1920x1080, 7500 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 128 Kbps (2 ch)
Genre: All Sex
Duration: 00:15:26
File size: ~ 850 Mb

HD Video 1080p

Mia is a beautiful, young, natural blonde with gorgeous blue eyes and an awesome, tight body. We love working with her and so did Peter in this scene! His cock stays rock hard for her and she gets so wet as he slides inside her! You see her juices positively glistening off his shaft in every position! Mia really likes giving a guy head too, she told us. She explained that the feeling of a man's cock inside her mouth makes her quiver in excitement, the way it throbs as her lips and hands work his member. Peter helps Mia onto her back near the end of this scene, she is close to having an orgasm and while stimulating her clit, with his hard dick filling her pussy, she has a genuine orgasm. The sensations of her tight hole milking his dick must have been incredible. Finally when Peter is about to come he shoots his load at her mouth, and she allows his warm cum to dribble down her chin as she sucks his sensitive dick.
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X-Art 2011: Mia - Sex Love and Happiness (MKV HD-Video)

Качество: HDRip
Видео: MKV (AVC), 1920x1080, 24.000 fps, VBR 6200 Kbps
Аудио: AAC, 48.0 KHz, 128 Kbps (2 ch)
Продолжительность: 00:09:36
Размер: ~ 435 Mb

Mia and Mr. X share a beautiful, intimate sexual experience that begins with laughter and romantic cuddling, and leads up to a crescendo of hot, heavy and deep fucking! Mia smiles and laughs as Mr. X rubs her shoulders. It feels so good, the word 'Love' comes to her mind. He starts fingering her, and she throws her head back, mouth open... in ecstasy. Finally Mr. X takes his turn fucking Mia. He pushes his bulging cock all the way inside her.... REALLY DEEP, which makes her literally shake with pleasure! X-Art members, be sure to download and save this video to your permanent collection!
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