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X-art 1080p

• 9-03-2018, 20:50 • Просмотров: 4893
X-Art Video 2010-2018 (HD 1080p)

Quality: HDRip
Video: MKV (AVC), 1920x1080, 3000-10000 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 48.0 KHz, ABR 128-192 Kbps (2 ch)
Genre: All Sex, Solo, Teen, Lesbo, Anal
Duration: 201:16:56
Quantity videoclips: 847
File size: ~ 500 Gb

Качественные и красивые XXX-видеоклипы от студии X-Art с такими моделями, как Aubrey, Caprice, Chelsea, Christine, Emilie, Francesca, Gabriella, Gianna, Hayden, Jasmine, Jenna, Kaylee, Leila, Lorena, Marica, Melanie, Nancy, Samantha, Scarlet, Tiffany, Veronica, Victoria и многими другими. Ссылки расположены в алфавитном порядке (A-Z) и каждый ролик можно скачать отдельно.
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• 24-12-2014, 20:32 • Просмотров: 1172
X-Art 2014: Francesca - Caribbean Christmas (MKV HD-Video 1080p)

Quality: HDRip
Video: MKV (AVC), 1920x1080, 6550 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 48.0 KHz, ABR 128 Kbps (2 ch)
Genre: Solo, Teen
Duration: 00:07:16
File size: ~ 345 Mb

Cum celebrate Christmas X-Art style! A naughty blonde Santa gets totally turned on and festively fucks herself with a jumbo glass candy cane...on a snow-white beach in the Caribbean! It's a gift that keeps on giving, in the best way EVER possible. Happy Holidays!
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• 21-05-2013, 18:04 • Просмотров: 1284
X-Art HQ Images Vol. 02 (2009-2011)

Quality: HQ
Format: JPG
Resolution: 2667x4000, 4000x2667
Quantity: 2445
Size: ~ 2.3 Gb
Recover: 5%

Красивые фотосеты от студии X-Art: Francesca & Breanne - Coming Clean • Francesca & Caprice - Double The Pleasure • Francesca & Jamie - Skin To Skin • Francesca - Blonde Domme • Francesca - Could Have Loved You • Francesca - Dangerous • Francesca - Flesh For Fantasy • Francesca - Forbidden Fashion • Francesca - From My Lips • Francesca - Heaven • Francesca - Morning Light • Francesca - Sexbox • Francesca - Soccer Star • Francesca - Something To Show You • Francesca - Sucker For Pussy • Francesca - Summer Lover • Francesca - Sunshine On My Pussy • Francesca - Surf Naked • Francesca - When Summer Cums • Francesca, Caprice & Tiffany - Afternoon Shower • Georgia & Faye - Best Friends Forever • Georgia & Faye - Cum Together • Georgia & Faye - Young Lovers • Georgia & Francesca - Hot Hitckhiker • Georgia & Francesca - My Eden • Georgia - Fuck Me • Georgia - Gorgeous • Georgia - Nude Yoga • Georgia - Sexbox 2 • Georgia - White Cotton • Gigi - Little Rockstar • Gigi R - Hayden Play Time • Gisele - Top Model From Brazil • Hannah - Bliss • Hannah - Original Sin • Hayden - Pink & Tight • Heather - Kissable • Holly - Living Doll • Izabella - Carr Fashion Nude • Izabella - Carr Red Velvet Goddess • Izzy - Princesse • Izzy - Sex In Blue Jeans • Jackie - Campus Cutie • Jamie - Angel Eyes • Jamie - Beyond Beauty • Jamie - Hot Pink 2 • Jamie - Hot Pink • Jamie - Skinny Jeans • Jamie - Taboo • Jamie - The Siren • Jamie - Those Eyes • Jenni - Perfect Curves • Jenny - Fallen Angel • Jessica - Naughty X-mas • Jewel - Deeper • Jewel - Her First Time • Kat - 1969 • Kat - Bound To Please • Kat - Translucence • Katka - Bananas
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• 21-05-2013, 12:24 • Просмотров: 1366
X-Art HQ Images Vol. 01 (2009-2011)

Quality: HQ
Format: JPG
Resolution: 2667x4000, 4000x2667
Quantity: 2529
Size: ~ 2.5 Gb
Recover: 5%

Эротические фотосеты от студии X-Art: Alexis - Fuck Fashion • Alexis - Little Sister • Alexis - Studio Nudes • Alexis - Tiny Dancer • Amanda & Tasha - Bathing Beauties • Amanda & Tasha - Private Party • Angel - Paris Sessions • Anna - Sexy Silver • Anna - Sexy Sophisticate • Anna - The Wall • Aria - Introducing Aria • Aria - The Secretary • Ashley - Pearl Necklace • Becka - First Nudes • Becky - Shipyard Nymph • Betty - Camp Cutie • Breanne - Babydoll • Brynn & Lexi - Double Deep • Brynn & Lexi - Three Sisters • Brynn - My Big Red Toy • Capri - White Dreams • Caprice & Katherine - Once We Kiss • Caprice & Tiffany - Just Us Girls • Carla - The Girl In My Shower • Carlie - Big Toy Orgasm • Carlie - Cum Closer • Carlie - Pretty Extreme • Chantal - The Exhibitionist • Chloe - Chloe Loves Carl • Chloe - Little Lover • Chloe - Not So Innocent • Christina - Bad & Beautiful • Corinne - Cute & Wet • Corinne - Simply Seductive • Crystal - Emerald Eyes • Daisy - Secret Place • Dominique - Red Dragon • Dominique - Room Service • Dominique - Slippery When Wet • Ellie - Fashionista • Emily - Sweet & Sexy • Emma - Sheer Perfection • Eniko - Little Vixen • Eufrat - After Party • Eufrat - Black Magic • Eufrat - House Of Glass • Eufrat - Seductress • Eufrat - Waking Up In A Dream • Eve - Croatian Sun • Eve - Forbidden Garden • Eve - Private Island • Eve - Sleeping With An Angel • X-Art - Fantasy Photo Series • Faye & Leila - Awesome Threesome • Faye - Deep Desire • Faye - Passion For Pink • Faye - Prelude To An Orgy • Faye - Soft & Wet • Francesca - Auto Erotica • Francesca - Bareback Temptress
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• 30-03-2012, 21:57 • Просмотров: 2323
X-Art 2009-2010: Carlie, Francesca, Emma, Caprice and Becky (HQ Images)

Quality: HQ
Format: JPG
Resolution: Min. 2657px, Max. 5000px
Quantity: 255
Size: ~ 550 Mb
Recover: 5%

X-Art - High Resolution Exclusive Images

Эротические фотосеты от студии X-Art: Carlie - Angel Baby, Francesca & Emma - Daddys office, Caprice - Winter Blues, Francesca - Baseball Babe, Becky - Tiny Bubbles

Carlie - Angel Baby:
Carlie is a little mynx. The entire time I was shooting this set she was giggling and batting her eyelashes like a high school girl. It's funny how she acts really coy and shy one minute and the next starts going on about how she's so horny and can't wait to do the masturbation video because she wants to cum! Carlie is truly bisexual and had fun flirting incessantly with everyone. I took these photos while Brig was working in the office. She loved stretching out and showing off her pussy for the camera. When I was finished shooting she asked to see some of the pictures and she said to me,"I look like an ANGEL, BABY!". Well, I think they turned out cool and I love some of the angles, hope you do too!

Francesca & Emma - Daddys office:
Once these naughty 18 year old university students take off their uniforms, there's no stopping them! After a few long, slow kisses, Emma's pussy started to get REALLY wet! You can actually see the cum dripping out of her, as Francesca fucks her with a hot pink sex toy. You're going to love the closeup shots in this set! Enjoy!

Caprice - Winter Blues:
The cure for Winter Blues is here... an incredible high definition photo series, featuring a sun-kissed brunette beauty getting herself off - just for you! This is one of our all time favorite photo sets at X-Art.com, and we wanted to share it with you now, as that c-c-c-cold winter weather sets in. We LOVE this photo set because the model (Caprice) is absolutely perfect, the action is 100% genuine, and the warm tropical setting of our X-Art beach house made an ideal backdrop. As Caprice slips off her white cotton panties and starts to explore her body - we're all in for an unforgettable treat! You can see the tiny droplets of perspiration form on her bronze skin as she spreads her pussy open, towards the sun. Finally, she takes out her favorite sex toy - a big soft blue dildo that she says feels "Just like a real cock." Caprice squeezes the bulging head inside her tight pussy and lets out a sigh..."Oh, my god!" As she works the toy all the way inside, an orgasm comes over her... her hips thrust uncontrollably as she looks you right in the eye. After viewing this set, you may feel like you just had sex with one of the hottest women in the world!

Francesca - Baseball Babe:
Francesca is definitely one of the hottest girls to ever dawn a baseball uniform! In this photo series she shows off her athletic abilities and gradually sheds her pink and white cotton jersey, followed by her pants. Finally, wearing nothing but her baseball cap and tall pink socks, Fran tries her hardest to fit the end of the baseball bat in a very, very naughty place! Enjoy!

Becky - Tiny Bubbles:
Becky looks better than ever in this series; her slender figure all lathered up with sexy suds and bubbles. As usual, her body looks absolutely amazing, and she's wearing little more than her trademark supermodel smile. Time for some good clean fun! Enjoy this stellar set!
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• 30-03-2012, 21:57 • Просмотров: 3356
X-Art 2010-2011: Caprice, Francesca, Tiffany, Mary and Jennifer (HQ Images)

Quality: HQ
Format: JPG
Resolution: 2667x4000, 4000x2667
Quantity: 281
Size: ~ 345 Mb
Recover: 5%

X-Art - High Resolution Exclusive Images

Высококачественные эротические фотосеты от студии X-Art: Caprice - One Fine Day, Francesca - Morning Coffee, Tiffany - Heavenly Brunettes, Mary - Show You My Love, Jennifer - Tight

Caprice - One Fine Day:
What's it like to spend a morning in bed with one of the most beautiful women in the world? Experience it for yourself in this stunning high resolution photo series, featuring the one and only - Caprice. Caprice stands in the doorway, gazing out at the ocean. A gentle tropical breeze whisps her auburn hair. Her eyes meet yours, inviting you to follow her into the bedroom. Caprice's manicured fingers run slowly across her perfect, perky breasts, gently teasing her nipples. She turns towards the bed, affording a passing view of her precious ass. Caprice stretches her long, firm body across the bed. Her suntanned skin contrasts with the white cotton sheets. Finally, her fingers find their way down... She begins rubbing her clit as she closes her eyes. It's quite a sight to watch this beautiful girl giving herself so much pleasure! Just as she's about to have an orgasm, Caprice pushes two fingers inside and spreads her pussy open with the other hand. Is it too much to hope that a moment like this never ends?

Francesca - Morning Coffee:
Francesca sips her morning coffee as she slips out of her cotton shirt and pink panties. The warm summer air brushes against her naked skin. She can sense a drop of wetness forming down there, so she lets her fingers explore... First she pushes one finger inside, then another. Mmmm, that's a tight fit! Once both fingers are all the way inside she tries to spread them apart just a little... but she can't. The muscles inside her pussy clamp down with a vice-like grip. Francesca gently rubs her swollen, engorged clit. She bucks her hips uncontrollably as the first wave of an incredible orgasm takes hold. You can see the juices dripping out of her... Morning coffee will never be the same!

Tiffany - Heavenly Brunettes:
Come and watch two of the most beautiful brunettes on earth share a heavenly afternoon. Enjoy as they explore their toned bodies and take turns pleasuring each other orally. Notice their lovely faces and adorable freckles. If these two are in it, heaven must be a place on earth!

Mary - Show You My Love:
Watch this 19 year old blond beauty give an amazing 'deep throat' blowjob and then have sex with her very lucky lover! Mary strips out of her lace bra and panties, letting her full breasts hang free. She slowly takes his cock in her mouth. She gives an extraordinary performance, swallowing it all the way to the base, which turns her on and makes her really wet. When she's dripping and ready, she climbs on top and rides him until she's satisfied. While she's still writhing with pleasure, he fucks her hard from the side, on-top and behind, she moans and cries out, showing him how much she's enjoying the action. He slows the motion down until he can't take anymore and literally explodes inside and outside her pussy. Shaking with ecstasy, he pushes his cum-covered cock slowly back into her swollen pussy, savoring the last moments of his mind-blowing orgasm. Enjoy this high resolution photo series shot by our very own X-Art Princess, Colette.

Jennifer - Tight:
We asked Jennifer if she would do a video/photo set with a sex toy? She was really sweet and said sure, but that she had not had sex in a while so, her pussy might be too tight! Well, I gave her a pretty small glass toy and she was right, her pussy was almost too tight to fit it in. Jennifer is sure to be an X-Art favorite, see her first photo-set for yourself and let us know what you think.
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• 30-03-2012, 21:56 • Просмотров: 2700
X-Art 2009-2010: Francesca, Caprice, Mina, Heather, Kacy (Jenni) (HQ Images)

Quality: HQ
Format: JPG
Resolution: Min. 2667px, Max. 5000px
Quantity: 331
Size: ~ 440 Mb
Recover: 5%

X-Art - High Resolution Exclusive Images

Эротические фотосеты от студии X-Art: Francesca - Perfectly Sexy, Caprice - Hot Bath, Mina - Beauty and the Beast, Heather - Fire & Ice, Kacy (Jenni) - Perfect Curves

Francesca - Perfectly Sexy:
Performing an innocent but provocative striptease, Francesca shows off every perfect inch of her body. Fist she lifts the bottom edge of her negligee to show you her panties. Moving like a fashion model, she lets one strap fall, then the next. Her perky nipples and firm breasts catch the beams of light from above. As her clothes fall to the floor, Francesca stands naked before you. If you haven't seen an angel - this is what they look like. Enjoy!

Caprice - Hot Bath:
Caprice strips out of her tiny white dress and lowers herself into the hot bath. The warm water relaxes her as she washes off her perfect breasts and flat stomach. She moves to her pussy, spraying the water until she's aroused. She fingers herself and shows you inside. She's really horny now and uses a glass dildo to make herself cum. Caprice is absolutely the most perfect model we have ever shot, you will be in love with her! Video to follow ;-)

Mina - Beauty and the Beast:
Mina paid an unexpected visit to her best friend's house to see if she wanted to go to the movies. When she walked in the front door, she found her best friend's brother - standing totally naked - with the most GIGANTIC cock she had EVER seen! Her mouth dropped open when she first saw 'It'. She must have been gawking for several seconds when he interrupted her thoughts with a question, "What are you staring at?" The answer was obvious. Mina took it as an invitation to gently pick 'It' up with one hand. Even un-aroused, it weighed a good three pounds. Mina flashed a big smile and looked up. It began to quickly swell in her hand. Within seconds, it grew into its colossal self - measuring just over 11 inches in length (no joke). As it reached it's full glory, Mina needed to use BOTH hands to hold it. Since his cock was so close to her face now, she couldn't resist wrapping her lips around the head. She knew she could never take the entire thing down her throat, but she definitely wanted to see how far she could go! She stuck her tongue as if she were at the doctor's office, and opened her mouth as wide as possible... Mina gives one of the best blowjobs we've EVER seen - and that's saying something! She manages to get more than half of 'It' down her throat, and of course she looks you right in the eye at the critical moment. These photos will blow your mind, guaranteed. Enjoy!

Heather - Fire & Ice:
When Heather walked into the room, we all fell in love. She was absolutely beautiful - the kind of girl you would do anything for. We were spellbound... and breathless. Heather was accustomed to being in front of the camera. Her work as an international fashion model had already taken her around the world. But this perfect specimen of feminine grace had a dirty little secret; she gets off by posing nude. "Once, at a fashion shoot, the photographer asked me to take off my top," she said. "I agreed to do it, and it made me wet - right away. I've never been so turned on in my life!" "I think my body is nice. Why not let people see it?" she asked, slipping out of her white lace panties. I clicked my camera's shutter button as a matter of reflex. Heather stretched her naked body across the bed in front of me. The heat was getting to me. I asked Coco to come and finish shooting the set. I wanted to be sure we documented this living angel from every possible angle. Our pictures of Heather unique; shot from both a female and male point-of-view. Please be careful - you will fall in Love with her... like we did!

Kacy (Jenni) - Perfect Curves:
If you're the kind of guy who has a thing for perfectly proportioned blondes (like I do!), you will love these absolutely stunning, sexy, erotic photos of our newest addition - Jenni. Jenni is a college cutey from Prague; Czech born and bred. She's made a major splash in the modeling world ever since she appeared in some very provocative photos in a major men's magazine just after her 18th birthday. You could search the web for hours to find some of those topless photos - or just join X-Art, and get Jenni in all of her naked glory right now!
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• 30-03-2012, 21:55 • Просмотров: 1926
X-Art 2009-2012: Francesca, Gigi R, Monika, Connie, Silvie (HQ Images)

Quality: HQ
Format: JPG
Resolution: Min. 2667px, Max. 5000px
Quantity: 374
Size: ~ 755 Mb
Recover: 5%

X-Art - High Resolution Exclusive Images

Красивые эротические фотосеты от студии X-Art: Francesca - by Coco, Gigi R - My Favorite Toy, Monika - Flexible Flirt, Connie - Beach Goddess, Silvie - Wild at Heart

Francesca - by Coco:
Look up Francesca's dress and catch a glimpse of heaven! As most of you know, X-Art is a team effort between me (photographer Brigham Field) and my gorgeous wife-to-be, Coco. Together, we shoot and edit 95% of the photos and videos that appear on this site. Coco also keeps you informed and up to date on our adventures in our 'Behind the Scenes' section. What you may not realize is that many of the recent photoseries on X-Art, like this one - were shot by Coco herself. Besides being gorgeous, she's talented too. :-) In this series, Coco captures Francesca's beauty as well as her sexuality in shots that run the gamut from upskirt-style, to exquisite fashion-nude portraiture to HOT, explicit closeups. Well done, Coco! Coco's lends her own unique style and perspective to the X-Art experience, and for that, Coco - WE LOVE YOU!!!

Gigi R - My Favorite Toy:
Adorable 19 year-old Gigi wants to show you a few tricks with her favorite sex toy... a big black dildo! "I've always had a thing for big black cocks," Gigi told us when she arrived at the loft for her photo session. When she pulled her favorite sex toy out of her model bag, we were still surprised to see the sheer size of it. Compared to her small frame, this thing was massive. "It's firm on the inside, but nice and squishy outside, just like the real thing," she said, squeezing it with her hand. She held the toy up to show how deep it goes when it's all the way in. Gigi kneeled on the chair and hiked her legs as far apart as she could, to make it easier to get the big head of the dildo inside. She had to work it back and forth a few times to get the job done. Finally, the head of the dildo went in with a gentle pop. "Mmmm... Oh my gosh!" Gigi let out a big sigh as a smile spread across her face. "It fills me up all the way!" Gigi began slowly working the cock in and out, deeper and deeper with every thrust. Her pussy was so tight around the toy, that it literally grabbed hold when she drew it out. Amazing!

Monika - Flexible Flirt:
There's something so sexy about a model with a flexible body... just imagine all the different ways you can fuck her! Flirtatious and flexible Monika kept showing off for our cameras. She turned upside-down, put her knees next to her ears, and wrapped her legs around her head... smiling all the while. What a gorgeous sight to behold!

Connie - Beach Goddess:
It's Connie's turn for a day at the beach! Join her as she plays in the waves and with the garden hose! Watch her get sandy and rinse off ;-) Experience her true, sweet and not so innocent personality. The perfect girl next door on a perfect day. Hope you love her as much as we do!

Silvie - Wild at Heart:
Stunning Silvie is wild at heart! If you guys read my blog then you know that Silvie is recently divorced and in the mood to have some fun. She called us to let us know that she wanted to shoot a scene with X-Art model Luke, turns out she has a huge crush on him. Silvie walked in and was exteremly eager to get started, needless to say the sex and chemistry between these two was absolutely awesome! Watch her take him in her mouth, climb on top and ride him until she has strong orgasm. Next, it's his turn to take her from the the side and get on top. He rides her until the climactic finish. After they are both satisfied, Silvie wraps her mile-long legs around Luke and moves in for a kiss. I wonder if they'll be calling each other for an encore? For some reason, I think yes!
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• 27-03-2012, 09:14 • Просмотров: 2911
X-Art 2010: Francesca and Capri - Just the Two of Us (MKV HD-Video 1080p)

Quality: HDRip
Video: MKV (AVC), 1920x1080, 5400 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 48.0 KHz, 128 Kbps (2 ch)
Duration: 00:06:28
File size: ~ 255 Mb

In this HD video, best described as an exalted moment of sexual ecstasy - Francesca and her cute brunette friend Capri roll around in bed and make passionate love to each other! The two girls entwine and share several HOT, deep kisses before diving below, to try a taste of their sweetest treasures. Don't get me wrong, these girls are both crazy for guys... But every now and then they crave the feeling of another woman. Skin soft like butter; lips trembling, gentle, and tender... Enjoy every beautiful moment with this heavenly duo!
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• 28-02-2012, 01:07 • Просмотров: 3065
X-Art 2010-2011: Caprice, Francesca, Capri, Tiffany, Penelope, Victoria and Melanie (HQ Images)

Quality: HQ
Format: JPG
Resolution: 2667x4000, 4000x2667
Quantity: 612
Size: ~ 650 Mb
Recover: 5%

X-Art 2010-2011 - High Resolution Exclusive Images

Красивые эротические фотосеты от студии X-Art: Caprice - Deep Inside Caprice, Caprice - Sexy Yoga Cutie, Francesca - Beauty in Blue, Francesca - Naughty Girl, Francesca, Caprice and Tiffany - Suite 19, Penelope - Simply Beautiful, Penelope - University Girl, Victoria and Melanie - The Juicer

Caprice - Deep Inside Caprice:
When we met up in Caprice in Europe, she was looking more beautiful and radiant than ever. Her body was in top shape, and her skin was flawless and smooth. Caprice was sitting in bed reading a naughty novel, wearing white cotton panties and a matching top. As she pulled the top of her shirt up, her perfectly perky breasts jutted out. The feeling of the warm air on her naked skin turned her on. She slowly slipped her hand inside her panties, brushing her outer lips with two fingers. She could feel that she was already starting to get wet. On her back, Caprice slipped off her panties, lifting her feet high in the air to give better access to her pussy. She opened her pussy lips with both hands, so she could feel the wetness inside. Caprice played with herself for a minute or two before grabbing her new sex toy - a large, smooth, clear glass 'kaleidoscope' dildo. She licked the cylinder to get it wet, and then rubbed it gently on the outside of her pussy. As she pushed the end of the toy into the soft opening of her pussy, she wondered how on earth she could ever fit it inside. She could feel her lips stretching around the hard shaft. Once the toy hit the wetness inside, it moved more easily. She worked it back and forth until she was able to slide the end in. She moaned uncontrollably in pleasure. The stretch felt so good! As she slowly moved the toy in and out, her pussy lips grabbed on tightly. Can you imagine what it would feel like if that were your cock instead of the toy? OMG! As Caprice turned towards us, we could suddenly see all the way - deep inside her. Rings of perfect pink flesh seemed to go on forever. After she had an orgasm, Caprice pulled the toy out gently and licked her juices off of it... A beautiful sight to behold.

Caprice - Sexy Yoga Cutie:
Watch sexy cutie Caprice do yoga in the nude, X-Art style! Caprice is the cutest yoga student on the planet. She came to class wearing a close-fitting track-suit jacket that showed off her tight, toned abs, and tiny pair of white shorts. Once Caprice started doing her warm-up exercises, the room became REALLY hot. So, she removed her top and continued - topless. Her perfect breasts pointed up towards the sky as she lifted her hands overhead. She went down on the mat and pushed her pelvis up into bridge pose. Slowly, Caprice slipped her shorts off and continued stretching and doing yoga poses totally nude. Can you imagine being in yoga class with this beauty? Her fingers finally found their way down to her pussy. As she played with herself, she felt relaxed... and ready!

Francesca - Beauty in Blue:
Francesca is working on her mainstream modeling career and it's going well. She has a gorgeous, unique look. Here she is posing and stripping out of her little blue nightie. Beautiful shots from behind at the end.

Francesca - Naughty Girl:
Watch Francesca push this massive black sex toy into her tiny pussy... really, really slowly. With the Caribbean ocean in the background, Francesca slowly slips out of her black bikini in a seductive tease. Once fully naked, she reaches down between her legs to see if she's wet. Apparently the ocean air is quite a turn-on! Francesca is eager to try out her new sex toy - a extra-wide, extra-firm black dildo shaped just like a fat cock. She licks the shaft of the toy and wraps her lips around the head. it is so big, she can barely fit it into her mouth. She wets the tip with her tongue. As she points the head of the toy towards her pussy, she says, "I seriously don't know if it's going to fit". Slowly but firmly, she pushes the head into the opening of her pussy. it takes a couple of minutes to actually get it inside. You can see the lips of her pussy stretching to fit around the head. At last, she manages to push the head inside. She smiles, lets out a big sign of relief, and then recomposes herself - looking directly into the camera. She shifts her position on the bed slightly to get a better angle. she reaches down with one hand, grabbing the toy by the balls and spinning it around so she can get a firm grip. With her other hand, she spreads her pussy lips open, now she can push the toy a little further inside. "What happens if I get on top?" she asks. She raises herself up onto her knees, and pushes back as hard as she can. She manages to get about half of the big black beast inside her tight pussy. She lifts up into doggy-style position, pointing her ass high into the air, the toy stuck firmly inside her. Her pussy grabbing onto it like a vice. Imagine how good it would feel if that were your cock inside her! She reaches back with one hand and pushes the toy as far in as it will go. Apparently the feeling was more than she could handle her knees buckle as she experiences a strong orgasm. She slowly pulls the toy out of her tight dripping pussy and falls onto the bed exhausted. She rests, waiting for you, dreaming of the real thing....

Francesca, Caprice and Tiffany - Suite 19:
Imagine... two beautiful, horny 19 year old's and a stunning 18 year old waiting - totally naked - under the covers, in your hotel suite. Does this sound too good to be true? Not if you're a member of X-Art. This kind of fantasy comes true all the time around here. So... cum on in to Suite 19. Leave your clothes at the door. Jump in bed with these three HOT naked girls, and have the time of your LIFE!

Penelope - Simply Beautiful:
Stunning Penelope shows off her scintillating curves in this X-Art exclusive!

Penelope - University Girl:
Penelope is a full-time student at the local university in her small town. She's always dreamed of becoming a model. "I love to be in front of the camera. It makes me soooo happy," she told us, with the most charming accent. Her stunning good looks will certainly take her all the way! Penelope has dreamy, doe-like eyes and the most kissable lips we've ever seen (except for Coco's). Penelope is one those girls who gets into nude modeling not so much to make money, but for a chance to get some really HOT nude photos of themselves while they're still young. We cheer you!!!

Victoria and Melanie - The Juicer:
Melanie and Victoria had a lot of fun trying this new toy for the very first time. The girls began by kissing and stroking each others' hair to get into the mood. Then their fingers wandered downward and they each felt the other's pussies, as they started to get wet in anticipation of what was about to happen. Melanie slowly eased one finger inside Victoria... then two fingers. Victoria's eyes rolled back in her head, signaling her pleasure. Victoria returned the favor, gently fingering Melanie and opening her pussy - to get it ready. Victoria then pushed the fat head of the juicer inside Melanie. The smooth glass was cool to the touch and sent shivers of excitement up Melanie's spine. Her mouth opened wide... shocked by how good it felt. Once the toy was all the way inside Melanie's pussy, the real fun began. Victoria grasped the handle at the base of the toy and slowly turned it around in a circular motion. Melanie obviously loved the feeling, as her own juices started to flow. You could look through the clear shaft of the toy and literally see the cum building up inside her! If you're looking for something new and different to spice up your sex life, try 'The Juicer' on your wife or girlfriend. You'll both have a GREAT time! :-)
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Young Don Feat. NY - Living The Dream (HD Master)
Medina - Boring (HD Master)
Nyusha - Воспоминание (HD Master)
Lionel Richie - I Call it Love (HD)
Rihanna - Where Have You Been (HD Master)
Amy Weber - Let it Rain (HD)
Shana Halligan - Delicate Dream (HD)
Ricki-Lee - Do It Like That (HD)
Tito El Bambino - Me Voy De La Casa (HD)
Taio Cruz & Flo Rida - Hangover (HD)
Audrey - Sexual Freak 8 (XXX BDRip)
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