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X-art 1080p

• 25-03-2014, 10:59 • Просмотров: 946
X-Art 2014: Anna - All About Anna (MKV HD-Video 1080p)

Quality: HDRip
Video: MKV (AVC), 1920x1080, 4350 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 48.0 KHz, ABR 128 Kbps (2 ch)
Genre: Solo, Teen
Duration: 00:12:03
File size: ~ 385 Mb

This lovely leggy girl is one-of-a-kind, as you already got to see in Zeppelin on Fire. It only takes one look into her big blue eyes to be drawn in and tangled up in her sexiness. Here she enjoys stripping out of her X-Art top and panties, flirting with the camera, and delighting in the pleasure that only she brings herself this time -- with the help of a little pink friend :-) Cum in. Stay a while. Tonight is all about Anna.
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• 4-01-2014, 21:16 • Просмотров: 2561
X-Art 2014:  Jenna, Anna & Tyler - Zeppelin On Fire (MKV HD-Video 1080p)

Quality: HDRip
Video: MKV (AVC), 1920x1080, 5800 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 48.0 KHz, ABR 128 Kbps (2 ch)
Genre: All Sex, Teen
Duration: 00:17:46
File size: ~ 755 Mb

Jenna and Anna see Tyler looking sexy, strumming his acoustic guitar and they begin feeling inspired... to seduce Tyler that is! Jenna's dedication to seduction is always impressive, but this time she gets to introduce new X-Art beauty Anna to the mix, which turns out to be an erotically good time. Cum watch this flirtatious threesome get it on. It's like Zeppelin on fire! :-) P.S. HAPPY NEW YEAR (two videos coming tomorrow). P.P.S. Anna's model page coming very soon! P.P.P.S. You'll get the title when you watch the video ;-) Love, Colette, Petra, Franziska & Brittany ...
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• 21-05-2013, 12:24 • Просмотров: 1359
X-Art HQ Images Vol. 01 (2009-2011)

Quality: HQ
Format: JPG
Resolution: 2667x4000, 4000x2667
Quantity: 2529
Size: ~ 2.5 Gb
Recover: 5%

Эротические фотосеты от студии X-Art: Alexis - Fuck Fashion • Alexis - Little Sister • Alexis - Studio Nudes • Alexis - Tiny Dancer • Amanda & Tasha - Bathing Beauties • Amanda & Tasha - Private Party • Angel - Paris Sessions • Anna - Sexy Silver • Anna - Sexy Sophisticate • Anna - The Wall • Aria - Introducing Aria • Aria - The Secretary • Ashley - Pearl Necklace • Becka - First Nudes • Becky - Shipyard Nymph • Betty - Camp Cutie • Breanne - Babydoll • Brynn & Lexi - Double Deep • Brynn & Lexi - Three Sisters • Brynn - My Big Red Toy • Capri - White Dreams • Caprice & Katherine - Once We Kiss • Caprice & Tiffany - Just Us Girls • Carla - The Girl In My Shower • Carlie - Big Toy Orgasm • Carlie - Cum Closer • Carlie - Pretty Extreme • Chantal - The Exhibitionist • Chloe - Chloe Loves Carl • Chloe - Little Lover • Chloe - Not So Innocent • Christina - Bad & Beautiful • Corinne - Cute & Wet • Corinne - Simply Seductive • Crystal - Emerald Eyes • Daisy - Secret Place • Dominique - Red Dragon • Dominique - Room Service • Dominique - Slippery When Wet • Ellie - Fashionista • Emily - Sweet & Sexy • Emma - Sheer Perfection • Eniko - Little Vixen • Eufrat - After Party • Eufrat - Black Magic • Eufrat - House Of Glass • Eufrat - Seductress • Eufrat - Waking Up In A Dream • Eve - Croatian Sun • Eve - Forbidden Garden • Eve - Private Island • Eve - Sleeping With An Angel • X-Art - Fantasy Photo Series • Faye & Leila - Awesome Threesome • Faye - Deep Desire • Faye - Passion For Pink • Faye - Prelude To An Orgy • Faye - Soft & Wet • Francesca - Auto Erotica • Francesca - Bareback Temptress
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• 30-03-2012, 21:57 • Просмотров: 2151
X-Art 2009-2010: Carlie, Leila, Anna, Becky, Erica, Faye and Tiffany (HQ Images)

Quality: HQ
Format: JPG
Resolution: Min. 2657px, Max. 4000px
Quantity: 305
Size: ~ 320 Mb
Recover: 5%

X-Art - High Resolution Exclusive Images

Высококачественные эротические фотосеты от студии X-Art: Carlie & Leila - Strawberries and Wine, Anna - Kiss Me, Becky - Pretty Little Princess, Erica - Sexual Beauty, Faye & Tiffany - After Sunset

Carlie & Leila - Strawberries & Wine:
Carlie lifts a strawberry from the plate. She brushes the tip of the fruit against Leila's soft pink lips, gently forcing them open.Leila responds by dipping her hand into her glass of red wine. She runs her wet middle finger across Carlie's tiny collarbone, causing an uncontrollable shiver of excitement.The two girls pull closer. Their foreheads lightly touch. With their eyes closed, they press their lips together and share a tender, passionate kiss. The feelings of curiosity are too strong to resist. Carlie pulls Leila's panties off. Leila lifts her leg behind her head. With her eyes, she begs Carlie to try a taste of her wetness...

Anna - Kiss Me:
Anna is a stunning and sultry brunette with a slender waist, perfect breasts and soft, kissable lips. This photo series features Anna in all her glory, as she slips out of her black lace panties and designer shoes and relaxes on a leather chaise. From head to toe, Anna is an image of feminine perfection. She moves through a variety of poses - just to be sure you experience every inch of her beauty. Enjoy!

Becky - Pretty Little Princess:
Becky is a pretty little princess; a daddy's girl who always gets what she wants. The daughter of a wealthy Swiss businessman and a former top model from Russia, you could say Becky has it all - youth, beauty, and a generous trust fund. Her features are simply stunning. Piercing ice blue eyes... perfect, porcelain skin... long flowing auburn hair and the most incredible pointy, puffy, pale nipples. "The day I turned 18, I new exactly what I wanted to do." She said. "I moved to the city to pursue modeling. It's not the money that interests me - it's the excitement. I love to travel, see the world, and try new things every day!" Her sense of adventure must be the reason she agreed to pose nude for X-Art.com. Whatever it was, we're delighted to present you with these exclusive, provocative photos of this absolute angel. Enjoy!

Erica - Sexual Beauty:
New model Erica spreads her legs and plays with her perfect pussy in the bubble chair. Watch Erica stretch and flex her perfect body. Notice her deep brown eyes, gravity-defying breasts and fantastic bubble butt! This set is a preface of things to cum: Just turned 20 years old Erica and her husband joined us this week in Spain. They are a beautiful, loving Portuguese couple who don't mind sharing their partner. We were very lucky to shoot multiple sex scenes with Erica, her husband and their guests, all at a stunning location! Get ready to fall in love with this classic beauty!

Faye & Tiffany - After Sunset:
Just after the sun sets, Tiffany and Faye share an intimate moment on a remote tropical beach. The afternoon began innocently enough. The two girls sunbathed at the beach, sharing stories about shopping and boys. Faye started to flirt with Tiffany, daring her to take her clothes off and go skinny dipping. Faye moved in to steal a kiss from Tiffany's irresistible, full, pouting lips. When they kissed, the energy was magnetic. Their bodies pulled together automatically, and their clothes came off piece by piece. Faye wrestled Tiffany into submission, tracing her tongue down her body towards her pussy. From the '69' position, both girls could enjoy each other - at last. Faye slipped her fingers deep inside Tiffany's pussy, feeling the inviting wetness pull her in...
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• 12-02-2012, 12:39 • Просмотров: 4308
Amour Angels: Alina, Alise, Anna, Katya, Marina, Masha, Veronika, Nusia, Yana, Polina

Качество: HQ
Формат: JPG
Разрешение: Min. 2000px, Max. 3872px
Количество: 629 шт.
Размер: ~ 1.15 Gb
Recover: 5%

Красивые высококачественные фотосеты от Amour Angels: Alina - American Dream, Alise - Butterfly Girl, Anna - Statue Anna, Katya - Katya Angel, Marina - Milky Way, Masha and Veronika - Veronika and Masha, Nusia and Yana - Yana and Nusia, Polina - Ladder
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• 9-03-2011, 00:25 • Просмотров: 2509
Amour Angels: Alina, Alizeya, Anna, Genja, Inna, Vikroriya, Zlata

Качество: HQ
Формат: JPG
Разрешение: Min. 1200px, Max. 3008px
Количество: 1212 шт.
Размер: ~ 1.5 Gb
Recover: 5%

Красивые эротические фотосеты от Amour Angels: Anna - The Triangle, Alina - Alina, Alizeya - Aliz Umbrella, Genja and Inna - Duet, Vikroriya - Viktori, Zlata - Zlata Ruby, Inna - Atlant, Vikroriya - Circle
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