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Автор: XXX • 28-02-2012, 01:07
X-Art 2010-2011: Caprice, Francesca, Capri, Tiffany, Penelope, Victoria and Melanie (HQ Images)

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X-Art 2010-2011 - High Resolution Exclusive Images

Красивые эротические фотосеты от студии X-Art: Caprice - Deep Inside Caprice, Caprice - Sexy Yoga Cutie, Francesca - Beauty in Blue, Francesca - Naughty Girl, Francesca, Caprice and Tiffany - Suite 19, Penelope - Simply Beautiful, Penelope - University Girl, Victoria and Melanie - The Juicer

Caprice - Deep Inside Caprice:
When we met up in Caprice in Europe, she was looking more beautiful and radiant than ever. Her body was in top shape, and her skin was flawless and smooth. Caprice was sitting in bed reading a naughty novel, wearing white cotton panties and a matching top. As she pulled the top of her shirt up, her perfectly perky breasts jutted out. The feeling of the warm air on her naked skin turned her on. She slowly slipped her hand inside her panties, brushing her outer lips with two fingers. She could feel that she was already starting to get wet. On her back, Caprice slipped off her panties, lifting her feet high in the air to give better access to her pussy. She opened her pussy lips with both hands, so she could feel the wetness inside. Caprice played with herself for a minute or two before grabbing her new sex toy - a large, smooth, clear glass 'kaleidoscope' dildo. She licked the cylinder to get it wet, and then rubbed it gently on the outside of her pussy. As she pushed the end of the toy into the soft opening of her pussy, she wondered how on earth she could ever fit it inside. She could feel her lips stretching around the hard shaft. Once the toy hit the wetness inside, it moved more easily. She worked it back and forth until she was able to slide the end in. She moaned uncontrollably in pleasure. The stretch felt so good! As she slowly moved the toy in and out, her pussy lips grabbed on tightly. Can you imagine what it would feel like if that were your cock instead of the toy? OMG! As Caprice turned towards us, we could suddenly see all the way - deep inside her. Rings of perfect pink flesh seemed to go on forever. After she had an orgasm, Caprice pulled the toy out gently and licked her juices off of it... A beautiful sight to behold.

Caprice - Sexy Yoga Cutie:
Watch sexy cutie Caprice do yoga in the nude, X-Art style! Caprice is the cutest yoga student on the planet. She came to class wearing a close-fitting track-suit jacket that showed off her tight, toned abs, and tiny pair of white shorts. Once Caprice started doing her warm-up exercises, the room became REALLY hot. So, she removed her top and continued - topless. Her perfect breasts pointed up towards the sky as she lifted her hands overhead. She went down on the mat and pushed her pelvis up into bridge pose. Slowly, Caprice slipped her shorts off and continued stretching and doing yoga poses totally nude. Can you imagine being in yoga class with this beauty? Her fingers finally found their way down to her pussy. As she played with herself, she felt relaxed... and ready!

Francesca - Beauty in Blue:
Francesca is working on her mainstream modeling career and it's going well. She has a gorgeous, unique look. Here she is posing and stripping out of her little blue nightie. Beautiful shots from behind at the end.

Francesca - Naughty Girl:
Watch Francesca push this massive black sex toy into her tiny pussy... really, really slowly. With the Caribbean ocean in the background, Francesca slowly slips out of her black bikini in a seductive tease. Once fully naked, she reaches down between her legs to see if she's wet. Apparently the ocean air is quite a turn-on! Francesca is eager to try out her new sex toy - a extra-wide, extra-firm black dildo shaped just like a fat cock. She licks the shaft of the toy and wraps her lips around the head. it is so big, she can barely fit it into her mouth. She wets the tip with her tongue. As she points the head of the toy towards her pussy, she says, "I seriously don't know if it's going to fit". Slowly but firmly, she pushes the head into the opening of her pussy. it takes a couple of minutes to actually get it inside. You can see the lips of her pussy stretching to fit around the head. At last, she manages to push the head inside. She smiles, lets out a big sign of relief, and then recomposes herself - looking directly into the camera. She shifts her position on the bed slightly to get a better angle. she reaches down with one hand, grabbing the toy by the balls and spinning it around so she can get a firm grip. With her other hand, she spreads her pussy lips open, now she can push the toy a little further inside. "What happens if I get on top?" she asks. She raises herself up onto her knees, and pushes back as hard as she can. She manages to get about half of the big black beast inside her tight pussy. She lifts up into doggy-style position, pointing her ass high into the air, the toy stuck firmly inside her. Her pussy grabbing onto it like a vice. Imagine how good it would feel if that were your cock inside her! She reaches back with one hand and pushes the toy as far in as it will go. Apparently the feeling was more than she could handle her knees buckle as she experiences a strong orgasm. She slowly pulls the toy out of her tight dripping pussy and falls onto the bed exhausted. She rests, waiting for you, dreaming of the real thing....

Francesca, Caprice and Tiffany - Suite 19:
Imagine... two beautiful, horny 19 year old's and a stunning 18 year old waiting - totally naked - under the covers, in your hotel suite. Does this sound too good to be true? Not if you're a member of X-Art. This kind of fantasy comes true all the time around here. So... cum on in to Suite 19. Leave your clothes at the door. Jump in bed with these three HOT naked girls, and have the time of your LIFE!

Penelope - Simply Beautiful:
Stunning Penelope shows off her scintillating curves in this X-Art exclusive!

Penelope - University Girl:
Penelope is a full-time student at the local university in her small town. She's always dreamed of becoming a model. "I love to be in front of the camera. It makes me soooo happy," she told us, with the most charming accent. Her stunning good looks will certainly take her all the way! Penelope has dreamy, doe-like eyes and the most kissable lips we've ever seen (except for Coco's). Penelope is one those girls who gets into nude modeling not so much to make money, but for a chance to get some really HOT nude photos of themselves while they're still young. We cheer you!!!

Victoria and Melanie - The Juicer:
Melanie and Victoria had a lot of fun trying this new toy for the very first time. The girls began by kissing and stroking each others' hair to get into the mood. Then their fingers wandered downward and they each felt the other's pussies, as they started to get wet in anticipation of what was about to happen. Melanie slowly eased one finger inside Victoria... then two fingers. Victoria's eyes rolled back in her head, signaling her pleasure. Victoria returned the favor, gently fingering Melanie and opening her pussy - to get it ready. Victoria then pushed the fat head of the juicer inside Melanie. The smooth glass was cool to the touch and sent shivers of excitement up Melanie's spine. Her mouth opened wide... shocked by how good it felt. Once the toy was all the way inside Melanie's pussy, the real fun began. Victoria grasped the handle at the base of the toy and slowly turned it around in a circular motion. Melanie obviously loved the feeling, as her own juices started to flow. You could look through the clear shaft of the toy and literally see the cum building up inside her! If you're looking for something new and different to spice up your sex life, try 'The Juicer' on your wife or girlfriend. You'll both have a GREAT time! :-)

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